Kelso Ridge

Kelso Ridge

Climbed Torreys peak via the northeast ridge (Kelso), then hopped over to bag Grays. Trip report posted here.


East ridge, Mt Bancroft

East ridge, Mt Bancroft

great bargain climb

Hey Andrew, I got our 2008 trip report up…finally.

Just finished putting up the trip report from 2008 when Andrew and I decided to drive out to New Mexico since we missed the mountains. As you spiral out on the map from Houston, the first real peaks you come to are in New Mexico, 16 hours away. We planned the trip while I was working night shift in WY the month before, and decided to hit the road soon after I got back to Houston in late June. We would take the long 4th of July weekend, with a few extra days off the following week.

One point of contention was which car to take. My car had A/C, cruise, and all the luxuries that come with german cars, but the trail head parking lot was notorious for getting broken into, and we weren’t sure what kind of roads we would encounter in the park. Thus I convinced Andrew that driving in his Jeep, that didn’t have A/C or a radio (since it was stolen a few months prior), would be our better option since there was a slim to nil chance anyone would want to break in.  As we sat in rush hour traffic after work on I-45N, in a standstill, in 100 degree weather, trying to leave Houston, we started to have second thoughts. However, the small portable radio with an iPod adapter, worked better than anticipated, kept our spirits up, and the rest is history, as they say.

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1584.3 Stone

Today was leg-day, which included 22,180 pounds worth of squats in 25 minutes…..

….beer me.

Rainier Gear Page Updated…

Got’r done, finally. 


Oil Kings are 12-1…

The beer certainly tastes sweeter after a win… and I’m on a 9 game winning streak – the Flat Ball Gods are smiling down on Texas.

First post…

Working on setting up the site. Until it’s ready, please enjoy this complementary steak: